canvas stretching wall art and framing
framed and stretched canvas

Wall Art

We offer a large variety of framed artworks, including Originals, Limited editions, Prints, Photography and our Specialty – Oversized Framed
Canvas Artworks, Perfect for interior designers, commercial and residential spaces wanting to introduce a huge colour pallette. We are constantly refreshing our selection and aim to always have on trend, beautiful art available.  Our collection is open to the public at our waterloo gallery 



Creative Frames offers comprehensive Printing options – with Two Large Format Printers available, one Premium Inkjet and the other a very high-quality Solvent  the choice of print media and finish is up to you.  Our Experienced design team can help select which is best for you.   

The most common print media we use is:

  • Giclee       –  Hi-res 180 Mat    /    Cotton Ragmat                                       
  • Canvas     – Satin     /   Metallic


  • Photographic Paper  –  Satin / Metallic 
  • Adhesive  Vinyl           – Gloss  /  Matte 

Both our Printers are of Capable of extraordinary printing precision. The resolution of our inkjet is a dpi of 2880 x 1440  and our Solvent is 1440×1440.  only High quality inks & media is ever used, offering fade and scratch resilliance

creative frames visualization software


We have software to visualise how your artwork will look when framed.

All we require is an image of the artwork, and we will show you the framing options to make your final selection even easier.

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