At Creative Frames & Mirrors, our number one priority is providing the very best solution and result for you, our client. We work closely with you during the initial design/concept stage to ensure the product you end up with is exactly the one you imagined, and require. Once your concept goes into production, we need the best team of craftsmen to realise your vision and handmake every detail with attention and skill. Meet our team below who make it all possible:



Steve purchased the business in 2010 after emigrating from South Africa with his wife and three sons, two years prior. With a keen interest in strategic business planning, he has a background in range planning, stock control and ‘open to buy’ management in fashion shoe retail and sporting apparel and equipment. Steve was excited to apply his business and financial acumen to a new industry, as he is also a qualified accountant. Since purchasing the business, Creative Frames has grown significantly, and its reputation, with designers and corporate clients particularly, is strengthening year on year. Steve is definitely the strategic and numbers brain in the business and is equally well-liked by both his team and his clients.



Joanne joined the team in mid-2013 with a view to assist in all front-of-house operations and customer service. She has a background in design, styling and also marketing, primarily in the fashion industry. With a young family, Joanne was seeking to transfer her skills to a more family-friendly environment, and one without the travel. Art and framing have been the perfect fit and what she brings to the business is a perfect complement to Steve’s skill set. Her design skills and eye for colour and texture go hand-in-hand with the level of service Creative Frames offers its clients. Joanne’s marketing and branding background have also assisted Steve in rebranding Creative Frames to sit more in line with the product it delivers.



Bukhu has been with us for 4 years and is another invaluable member of our team. He is newer to the industry with around 4 years experience, but was attracted to framing as he enjoys the precise and detailed nature of the work. He performs equally well on our high-volume fast-paced jobs as he does on our more specialised and detailed custom work. He is also an internationally renowned Mongolian throat singer and we are often treated to bursts of music heard over the saw! Bukhu has always been a great team player which is a priceless asset that we truly value.



Luke is one of the newest members of our team but has already made himself truly invaluable. He is the true definition of an all rounder with a “can-do” attitude that has seen him taking on a wide range of duties. He is our graphic artist that manages all the print jobs as well as all the design functions needed to support the creative side of the business, of which there are many! As we print frame and deliver at Creative, Luke also takes care of the supply chain function.